Pools of Light

The following is a message from Nathaniel Dorsky in response to a personal inquiry about the grouping of his films, which hopefully will be of some future use for those looking to explore the many meditative wonders to be found throughout his filmography.  Posted here with permission...


Some of my films have fallen into groups, sometimes by my intent and sometimes in retrospect. The order of the films within these groups is based on the best order for projection and is not always the order in which they were made. Besides these more formal groupings there is some sense that Pneuma and Alaya are sister films and that Song and Solitude is, indeed, in solitude. My experience in showing these films is that the Four Cinematic Songs are too much to be shown all together, that Threnody should precede The Visitation in the showing of the Two Devotional Songs, and that the group called Variations and Theme is an excellent show and should definitely be shown in the order stated below. Song and Solitude works very nicely with the Two Devotional Songs and should be shown first, preceding Threnody and The Visitation.

Childhood Trilogy:

Four Cinematic Songs:

Two Devotional Songs:

Variations and Theme: