Possessed by Sight

 BEAM 14:

Eden, glossolalia of light
Mountain the gods stept from, spoke to fork
Some sparkling logos
as O hoher Baum im Orh!
quadricornutus serpens, caduceus phantastikon, or
la ou nos la voions plus espesse
vas, at the same time orb and eggshaped
Matrix of Harmonies
orders, opening back, beyond, and within, Laocoön of cacoon
splint crystal, glaux, grey matter spun
Out of thy head I sprung
thread not a dream by a single Being, but one of omni-
silk-seed of waves hummed back
vast cortex
tensile, unstill

He who “would chain fire,
And have the wind move in regiments
of cubed air”

 (As Bohm posited: at zeropoint
of energy
a cubic centimeter of space = 10,000,000,000 tons

uranium) underneathunder

unuterrable number

an intricate quiet


He who
obsessed by light,
possessed by sight:

cellophane in cellophane of salamander slid within a flame

(to pin to the shimmer a name)

Beauty is easy.
It is the Beast that is the secret.
“it escapes from its sphere
as from a hole”
-- its symmetries like trees with long shadows

A mirror held
to the horror

“we can imagine a butterfly
to pass back into the chrysalis”
like a cat’s eye in

at the end of its tether
the inter-


((Text from Ronald Johnson's ARK, one of the four or five works of literature constantly by my side))

((Images from the 1993 film Stellar by Stan Brakhage))


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