Brakhage Symposium 2010

The 2010 incarnation of the Brakhage Symposium at Colorado University, now in its sixth year, gets underway next weekend (March 12-14), in an expanded three-day format.  Last year’s symposium proved to be a marvelous experience, the atmosphere cultivated in the beautiful visual arts complex and the passion of those participating made for an entirely unique adventure, and this year promises to hold an even greater wealth of discovery.  I hope to be able to write something of substance about the proceedings post-symposium (though how in-depth it will potentially be unfortunately still remains up in the air), nevertheless all those with the opportunity to attend are highly encouraged to do so (hit that open road…).  The schedule is as follows:

"The Stan Brakhage Symposium, already a tradition in the not very traditional world of avant-garde filmmaking, will again be hosted this year by the University of Colorado at Boulder. In a weekend dedicated to the exploration of new ideas in cinema art, guest curator Ed Halter will explore the role of repetition/reuse/and the remake in contemporary artists’ works, and CU faculty professors Christina Battle and Jennifer Peterson will investigate the relationship of the amateur and the Avant-Garde.  Presenters will include Ed Halter, art historian David Joselit, Andy Lampert, Annette Michelson, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Phil Solomon, and Elisabeth Subrin.
In an extension of one of Brakhage’s particular interests, there will also be a program of home movies from the collection of the Academy Film Archive presented by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences archivist Lynne Kirste, as well as a number of short-works programs (films, videos, and performances)."