Millennium Film Workshop Meeting

Millennium Film Workshop invites YOU – Help keep our rare filmmaking tools available to all !   

Open Planning Meetings starting Thursday, Feb 9, at 7:30-10:00 PM.

We support emulsion-based filmmaking as a medium for artists within the larger palette of moving image media, whether digital, electronic or other. 
We are affordable and accessible, offering Equipment, Workshops and both Curated and Open Screenings, with filmmaker talks dialogues.  
We want to offer Film to Digital transfer equipment in the near future.   
16mm and 8mm filmmaking requires equipment that is increasingly hard to find: Highly Affordable Access to 16mm and 8mm editing equipment, cameras and projectors, Steenbeck consoles and the J-K Optical Printer have long been our specialty. 

 WE NEED YOUR HELP at a time of passionate rebirth and growth -- and struggle.

Friends, Audience, Users, Fans old and new, moving image artists of all ages ! 
please consider these actions to support millennium film workshop, 

[  ]  Come to this Thursday Feb 9  7:30-10:00pm meeting or next meeting !  
[  ]  Learn about opportunities to contribute your skills, volunteer, help ! **
[  ]  Begin or Renew your Membership, online or in person, or make a donation !  *

[  ]  Send your contact info, express your concern to cinema@millenniumfilm.org! 

Millennium has signed a new lease for the space at 66 East 4th Street, for the workshop and editing spaces.  Millennium is no longer leasing the large film screening theater; we do want the theater to be renovated, and want to collaborate in making this happen, for the benefit of all.    Our landlord, La Mama, Inc., wants to renovate the theater, with the goal of having it be highly active and generate more revenue.  Potentially several kindred film screening entities can share the theater.
Going forward, YOUR HELP is NEEDED in a collective effort
n     to renew and extend filmmaking practices at Millennium,
n     embracing the full palette of moving image tools, including digital, 
n     reflecting the needs of our users for access to specialized film and transfer equipment, workshops and skill sharing, and including digital methods and technology as appropriate. 
What forms of digital and analog support do you want and need?

HISTORY!  Our equipment access, workshop training, filmmaker dialogs and screening series, have furthered the work of a pantheon of filmmakers and students since our beginnings in the heyday of the East Village, when Ken Jacobs and others filled a void by creating Millennium in 1965.  We became a seminal and integral part of downtown and international film culture because of our presentation and support for artists’ work and the congenial exchange of skills and ideas.

A series of Open Information and Planning Meetings at Millennium
will start on
Thursday, February 9, at 7:30pm. 
66 East 4th Street, NYC 10003
212-673-0090     Cinema@MillenniumFilm.org

Please come if you can, AND/OR send us a short email expressing interest in further news (with your contact info and your ideas).

The date for the March 2012 MEMBERS MEETING and Board Elections will be announced soon, for the last week in March.

We are working hard to set up communication with all interested Friends and Members. To do this we need your up-to-date contact information.  Later this month we will be using a survey tool but right now please write to cinema@millenniumfilm.org to express interest or ask questions.

Be part of articulating our mission and making it happen in 2012. 
Please post widely - send this announcement on to your film-loving friends. 
For Facebook users, you can also "Share" the meeting announcement on our page, or our share our "Event"  https://www.facebook.com/events/353669757990349/

HELP SUSTAIN and CREATE vibrant programs, seminars, lectures and screenings.

MEMBERSHIP: Supporting Membership is $30/year, Workshop Membership is $30/year or $20/six months.  Renew at https://www.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=23-7003128 or in person at Millennium.

*JOBS: Millennium seeks professional BOOKKEEPER with reasonable rates, referrals are welcome.   

**OPPORTUNITIES:  Efforts are underway ... our collective efforts will be instrumental to MFW's success. A spectrum of opportunities to help: communication and outreach, advocacy, beautification/remodeling/upkeep, benefits and events, social media, preserving our 40-year history and making our archives accessible, and most of all, vision.
Millennium has a small budget but this can grow. Our one staff person cannot do everything. In-kind support is the key to growth, vibrancy and a sure path through the months ahead.

 CONTACT: 212-673-0090 or write Cinema@MillenniumFilm.org.