Arrows of Light


"The silver light
turned every blade of grass,
every particle of sand

into a luminous
metallic splendor; there was
- nothing however small

that did not clash
in the bright wind, that
did not send

arrows of light
through the glassy air"
wrote Ansel Adams!

All night, at golden hive
busiest of Being
lustrous intelligence

cast throughout darkness
tackling the eternal
bluest guitar

set against Time
roll back yr mortal lids,
sentry of statuary

innumerable numinosities
mind set ajar;
thru wildering gyre

throat aloft, afloat -
truths to the World's edge
grace amazing tell

outside the door
red wheelbarrow glint rain,
Anyone might see it

let up the blinds
as sap mount into tree
scribed lark in jubilation

magnetic, torch antiphony
tail universe end/on
waltz seasons all four

death sweet be not yet,
I tread the stars
in perilous anatomy

over bottomless pit
only intricater;
I thread evolving Heaven

"nequamquam vacuum"
flamestitch I symmetries:
weaver oriole's nest

I construct ahive
suns one can't gaze upon
surpassing foresight,

only Hand with Language
nothing unknowable
fate, the Undoer

home everlasting
(memory, tenacious anemone)
await composer Sword

(all screenshots from 50 Feet of String by Leighton Pierce)