An Independent Eye

House of Pain (1995/8, Mike Hoolboom)

While at his time with the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, one of the premiere North American distribution outlets for experimental and avant-garde film, Mike Hoolboom, noted Canadian film/video/scholar/critic extraordinaire, put together a magazine entitled the ‘Independent Eye’ as a means offering others a glimpse of the rare materials he often came into contact with.

Through his website he has offered all nine releases in a .pdf format, allowing those who may have missed the boat the first time around a chance to hop on it once again.  As is obvious to most, critical releases focusing on various issues of experimental film are scarce these days, and despite being some two decades old, many of the articles contained within offer pertinent insight into issues that remain of great concern today, as well as access to items that you would be hard pressed to discover elsewhere.

[In addition to the .pdf files of the magazine, Hoolboom has included a wealth of his various original writings, interviews, and more on a wide variety of subjects, as well as information on his film and video work.  It’s a veritable treasure chest at your fingertips for free, you would be very wise to take advantage of it…]