Cracking Up

 (The Girl's Nervy by Jennifer Reeves)

 (Light Work Mood Disorder [left side] by Jennifer Reeves)

"For instance, Mary Beth and I as we worked together on the Persians, are often speaking of Jenn Reeves's hand-painted films.  And wondering, just to be specific, how does she get the paint to crack like that- we've tried burning a match over it, match under it, setting it in the sun, using India ink and so on, but she produces a distinctive cracking in her painting that's absolutely hers and of course we're not really supposed to have it, we're playing in a way, but in the mean time we're discovering other ways of creating that organic cracking of the paint or the substance of the paint." 
-Stan Brakhage

 (He Walked Away by Jennifer Reeves)

(When It Was Blue by Jennifer Reeves)