Saying Goodbye

It's been a rough year for the avant-garde community, with Tuesday's passing of George Kuchar and Jordan Belson adding to a list of recently deceased names whose contributions to said community were, and yet remain, invaluable.  Kuchar and Belson were at opposite ends of the spectrum, both in terms of the work they produced and seemingly in their respective personalities, but both were essential all the same.  Thankfully for us their work will continue to live on, containing innumerable wonders yet to be discovered...


This first piece is an early 1967 interview conducted with the Kuchar brothers by Sheldon Renan which appeared in the no. 45 issue of Film Culture...

(Naked and the Nude by George & Mike Kuchar; via Anthology Archives)

(Lust for Ecstasy by George & Mike Kuchar)


This second piece is an excerpt from Gene Youngblood's seminal Expanded Cinema, which was included in the no. 48-49 (1970) issue of Film Culture (apologies for the blurring, but I thought it was still readable and hopefully will serve as an encouragement to seek out Youngblood's Expanded Cinema, no doubt a must-read...