Brakhage Symposium 2011 Recap (Prelude)

Damned school work once again stealing away the bulk of my time seemingly without remorse, so like last year I'm throwing up my notes and the (painfully amateur) pictures I took to both buy myself more time and hopefully help my general thoughts on the experience materialize in a more concrete manner...


(Sally Berg)

(Bill Nichols)

 (Abraham Ravett)

(Scott MacDonald)

(Alfred Guzzetti)

(James Benning)



Paul Taberham said...

Many thanks for sharing this, Jacob

Jacob Waltman said...

My pleasure, I'm hoping I can come up with something a little more substantial sooner or later...

Just Another Film Buff said...

Man, I wish I was right there. Hope you had a great time, Jacob.

And thanks for putting this up.