Slave for You

For a few weeks now we've all been privy to the glutton of 'best-of-the-year' lists that is more or less an annual rite of cinephilia (the positives and negatives of such a practice have already been discussed ad nauseam and need not be mentioned any further here).  I've already elucidated my current situation with regards to accessibility, i.e. any list of 2010 favorites I could come up with would inevitably be severely undermined and most likely less interesting than the list of films of equal importance that I have not been fortunate enough as of yet to see (a point of frequent lamentation to be sure).  With that in mind rather than parading about a diffident line-up I thought I would keep it simple and just quickly point out my favorite 2010 film I did manage to see; T. Marie's exquisite J.M.W. Turner inspired film Slaveship, a patiently undulating digital exploration of time, space and most importantly color.  It's a film to let sweep over you, at once both ominous and serene...

(Slaveship by T.Marie)