The Heroic Journey

I make this post with the promise that original material will be forthcoming, but in the mean time there are still a few past articles I would like to make available that I think are very much worth your time and consideration [apologies for the slight blurring, it's an amateur undertaking after all]...

(all images from Quick Billy by Bruce Baillie)


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's ┼╗elkowo from The Life Cinematic. I've skimmed through most of your blog and it's quite excellent! But I must ask you, how did you get these captures of Quick Billy? There aren't any available torrents or DVDs, correct? Did you get them from a reel through some method I'm unaware of?

Just overly curious because this is near the top of my must-see list. A possible inspiration toward the purchase of a projector and rental of reels.