The following are lists composed of books, magazines, journals, blogs, sites and more dealing with avant-garde and experimental film in some fashion (with a few exceptions).  Obviously the list is by no means comprehensive, so please feel free to post any additional material to be edited into these  'master lists'...

[Listed Alphabetically by Author]

Alcoz, Albert 

Visionary Film (blog)  

Arthur, Paul

A Line of Sight: American Avant-Garde Film Since 1965

Barnett, Daniel

Movement as Meaning: In Experimental Film

Barber, Stephen

The Art of Destruction: The Films of the Vienna Action Group

Battock, Gregory

The New American Cinema; a Critical Anthology

Blaetz, Robin

Women’s Experimental Cinema: Critical Frameworks

Barrett, Gerald & Babner, Wendy

Stan Brakhage, A Guide to References and Resources

Brakhage, Stan

Brakhage Scrapbook: Collected Writings, 1964-1980

Essential Brakhage

Film at Wit’s End: Eight Avant-Garde Filmmakers

Film Biographies

I—Sleeping: Being a Dream Journal and Parenthetical Explication

Metaphors on Vision

A Moving Picture Giving and Taking Book

Telling Time: Essays of a Visionary Filmmaker

Brodsky, Robert P. & Treadway, Antoinette

Super 8 In the Video Age

Broughton, James Richard

Making Light of It

Camper, Fred

Writings on Avant-Garde Film

Child, Abigail

This Is Called Moving: A Critical Poetics of Film

Christie, Ian

The Last Machine: Early Cinema and the Birth of the Modern World

Curtis, David

Experimental Cinema.  A Fifty Year Evolution

Deleuze, Gilles

Cinema I: The Movement-Image

Cinema II

De Jesús Rodríguez, Dinorah 

Art Cinematic (blog) 

Deren, Maya

Essential Deren: Collected Writings on Film

Dixon, Wheeler

Experimental Cinema, The Film Reader

Dorsky, Nathaniel

Devotional Cinema

Dwoskin, Steven

Film Is

Elder, R. Bruce

The Body in Film

A Body of Vision: Representations of the Body in Recent Films and Poetry

The Cinema We Need (Included in 'Presence and Absence: The Films of Michael Snow')

The Films of Stan Brakhage in the American Tradition of Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, and Charles Olson

Harmony and Dissent: Film and Avant-garde Art Movements in the Early Twentieth Century

Image and Identity: Reflections of Canadian Film and Culture

Everleth, Mike

Bad Lit

Frampton, Hollis

Additional writings on Frampton's site

Circles of Confusion: film, photography, video: texts, 1968-1980

On the Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters: The Writings of Hollis Frampton

Friedrich, Su 

Various Writings 

Gidal, Peter

Materialist Film

Structural Film Anthology

Grey Daisies

Avant-Garde Film

Film As a Subversive Art

No-Wave Cinema

Gunning, Tom

Early Cinema Symposium

Hall, Phil

The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies: Films from the Fringes of Cinema

Haller, Robert A. (Editor)

First Light

Halter, Ed

Various Writings

Hatfield, Jackie 

Experimental Film and Video: An Anthology 

Hill, Helen

Helen Hill Fund

Recipes for Disaster: A Handcrafted Film Cookbooklet

Hoolbloom, Mike 

Various Writings 

Horak, Jan-Christopher

Lovers of Cinema: The First American Film Avant-Garde, 1919-1945

Early Cinema Symposium

Hunter, Jack

Moonchild: The Films of Kenneth Anger

Igliori, Paola

 American Magus Harry Smith: A Modern Alchemist

Invisible Birds

The Art of Memory 

James, David E.
The Most Typical Avant-Garde: History and Geography of Minor Cinemas in Los Angeles 

Stan Brakhage: Filmmaker

To Free the Cinema

Joseph, Branden W.

Beyond the Dream Syndicate: Tony Conrad and the Arts after Cage

Kashmere, Brett (Editor)

INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media and Radical Aesthetics

Kilchesty, Albert

Big As Life: An American History of 8mm Films

Kuchar, George & Mike

Reflections from a Cinematic Cesspool

Land, Owen

Two Films by Owen Land

Legge, Elizabeth

Michael Snow: Wavelength (One work)

Le Grice, Malcolm

Abstract Film and Beyond

Experimental Cinema in the Digital Age

Lipton, Lenny

The Super 8 Book

MacDonald, Scott 

Adventures in Perception: Cinema as Exploration 

Art in Cinema: Documents Toward a History of the Film Society

Avant-Garde Film: Motion Studies

Canyon Cinema: The Life and Times of an Independent Film Distributor

Cinema 16: Documents Toward a History of the Film Society

The Garden in the Machine: A Field Guide to Independent Films about Place

A Critical Cinema: Vol. 1-5 

MacMillan, Jennifer

Invisible Cinema 

Mekas, Jonas 

Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas: Just Like A Shadow

Jonas Mekas: To Petrarca (Zagzig)

Movie Journal-The Rise of the New American Cinema, 1959-1971

Meranda, Yoel

Ways of Seeing

Moore, Rachel

Hollis Frampton: (nostalgia) (One Work)

Morris, Gary 

Bright Lights Film Journal

Murch, Walter

In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing

Nesthus, Marie

A Crucible of Document: the Sequence Films of Stan Brakhage, 1968-1984

O’Pray, Michael

Avant-Garde Film: Forms, Themes and Passions

Ortega, Marcos 

Experimental Cinema 

Nitrato Lirico (blog)

Patterson, Clay 

Captured: A Film & Video History of the Lower East Side

Petrolle, Jean

Women and Experimental Filmmaking

Redding, Judith M.

Film Fatales: Independent Women Directors

Reeves, Jennifer 

Not Dead Yet (I Love 16mm) 

Renan, Sheldon

Introduction to the American Underground Film

Rees, A.L.

A History of Experimental Film and Video

Russett, Robert

Experimental Animation: Origins of a New Art

Serdar, Ekrem

Watermelon Rinds

Sicinski, Michael

The Academic Hack (Many reviews of experimental film)

Sitney, P. Adams

The Avant-Garde Film 

The Essential Cinema

Eyes Upside Down: Visionary Filmmakers and the Heritage of Emerson

Film Culture Reader

Modernist Montage: The Obscurity of Vision in Cinema and Literature

Visionary Film: The American Avant-Garde, 1943-2000

*There are several smaller Sitney articles on various filmmakers that are available on the internet or for download through Amazon.com 

Skoller, Jeffrey

Shadows, Specters, Shards: Making History in Avant-Garde Film

Small, Edward S.

Direct Theory: Experimental Film/Video as Major Genre

Snow, Michael

The Collected Writings of Michael Snow

Presence and Absence: The Films of Michael Snow 

Solomon, Phil 


Stark, Scott 


Stevenson, Jack

Desperate Visions: Camp America The Films of John Waters & George & Mike Kuchar

Tyler, Parker

Three Faces of the Film: The Art, The Dream, The Cult

Underground Film

Vogel, Amos

Films As a Subversive Art 

Wees, William C.

Early Cinema Symposium

Light Moving in Time: Studies in the Visual Aesthetics of Avant-Garde Film

Recycled Images: The Art and Politics

Vorticism and the English Avant-garde

Weinbren, Grahame (Editor) 

Millennium Film Journal 

Young, Paul 

Art Cinema 

Youngblood, Gene 

Expanded Cinema



40 Frames
Absolut Medien
Abstracta Cinema
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Antimatter Underground Film Festival

Arsenal Experimental
Berks Filmmakers

Canadian Filmmakers
Canyon Cinema
Chicago Filmmakers


Cinema Project

Criterion Collection
Cut and Run
Electronic Arts Intermix
Experiments in Cinema

Experimental Film Festival Portland
Exploding Cinema


Film-Makers' Cooperative
Filmform Sweden

The Film Gallery
Florida Flex
Flux Club / Flux Festival

Home Movie Day

Index DVD

KFA DVD Edition
Kino Video

L.A. Filmforum
La Enana Marrón

Light Cone
Light Industry

Magic Lantern
Microscope Gallery

Microcinema DVD
NY Underground Film Festival
Oberhausen Film Festival

Onion City Film Festival

Other Cinema
Other Film Festival

Peripheral Produce
Pleasure Dome


San Francisco Cinematheque
Siskel Film

Starting From Scratch
Toda la noche oliendo a film
Urban Image Showcase
Utopia Film Festival
Videoex Festival

Views from the Avant-Garde
Württ. Kunstverein

Video Data Bank



The Academic Hack
Ainda nao começámos a pensar
Alicia y los espejos
Anthology Film Archives
Andrés Hispano

A propósito de Punto de Vista
Art Cinematic
Art + Culture
The Art of Memory
Avec le temps 
Bad Lit

British Lights Film
Caras B del vídeo arte

Celuloides Rancios
Center for Visual Music
Chance Projects

Cine Club de Compostela
Cine Influjo

Cinema Scope
Cine Soiree!!
Culturas de Archivo
Diagonal Thoughts
Ed Halter

El Cementerio Marino
El Cine Mexperimental

Elusive Lucidity
EMBED Audiovisual Integrado
Enthusiast Archive
Eugeni Bonet

Expanded Cinema
Experimental Cinema
Experimental Conversations
Experimental Film Lab
Extraños en el Paraíso

Film Year
Fred Camper
GEM - Pure Data

Hamaca Blog
Historia del Videoarte

Interferencia Sónica
Invisible Cinema

Iota Center
Jack Sargeant

J.J. Murphy
Kino Climates

Landscape Suicide
La Primera Mirada
La Region Central
Las Películas Documentales


Lujo y Asco

LUX Blog 
Making Light Of It
Media Art Net
Millennium Film
Miradas al videoarte
More Milk Yvette

Música Visual
Nitrato Lírico 

Notturno Malefico

Oddball Film

Only the Cinema


Radical Closure
The Recycled Cinema
Revista PAUSA

Robert Haller

Scissor Circus
Secret Cinema

The Sound of Eye
Supposed Aura

Visiones Metafóricas
Visual Alchemy
William C. Wees

Xino-Xano Blog



…the experience of apprehending, the adventure of seeing, the ‘wondering’ vision.”
– Introduction to the Brakhage Scrapbook


UPDATE 6/01/2014:

If, while no doubt on your way to more worthwhile destinations, you happen to have somehow stumbled on to this site within the past good while, you were likely left with the impression that it had been abandoned.  That impression, though understandable, is not entirely accurate...

During that time the majority of my focus was spent preparing and applying for archival graduate programs, whilst staving off the nervous breakdown always seemingly just around the corner.  Alas, what little energy usually left was all but obliterated by the train wreck of a platform that is Blogger.  Thankfully, that part of the process is coming to an end, and enthusiasm for this endeavor has been renewed.  I was very fortunate to be able to consider several great programs, but in the end decided the Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image program at the University of Amsterdam was the best fit for me...

Once I've gotten settled in (having lived my entire life in Salt Lake City I'm sure the cultural transition will be seamless), I'm hoping that I will be able to use some of the same methodologies and areas of focus and apply them to something a little more ambitious and expansive.  If that sounds overly nebulous at the moment it's because I'm not quite sure what form it will take (except that it won't be on Blogger, dammit).  Up to this point I've been fairly limited in what I could get my hands on, and as a result the focus has largely been on established, well documented (American) filmmakers.  I hope the relocation will bring greater flexibility, which I would like to use to start exploring lesser documented artists from a much wider range of nationalities...  

This site has been a great opportunity to come in to contact with many very passionate individuals that I likely would not have met otherwise, and for that I'm very grateful.  I don't feel as though I've done a whole lot to contribute to this community in the way I would like, especially when it comes to newer artists working in younger formats, but by pursuing this path I hoping I can work towards something more substantial...


UPDATE 1/23/13:

As the two or three people (a generous figure I'm sure) who regularly follow this blog might have noticed, I've slowly trended away from the creation of original content and instead assumed a move towards something resembling an archive of sorts. This is somewhat based on mild weariness of my own words, but also on my increasing interest in the archival field as a potential career path. Many of the various documents on this blog have served as a lifeblood for me, and my primary motivation in uploading them has been to allow others who are in similar situations away from “cultural hubs” to have access and hopefully experience similar revelations. On a related note, I would like to briefly mention a word concerning a very valid criticism of this blog, namely that there is a noted lack of materials on recent works. This should not in any way be considered indicative of my interests, as I have no doubt there is a wide range of enlightening work continually being made. Rather this is purely a matter of access, much to my dismay I'm lucky to see one or two new works each year. I'm hoping that in the future this will change as I finish with my schooling and transition to a place with more viewing opportunities. Until that time, however, I will simply try to do the best with what I have. As always if any filmmakers come across this site and are in need of any help, no matter how trivial it may be, I urge you to let me know, as I'm eager to be of assistance in whatever way I can...


     Some time [years] ago I fortuitously stumbled upon the Criterion Collection of Stan Brakhage at the local library, a time of particular uncertainty in my late adolescence, and despite the visual inferiority of the television screen was immediately enamored (bewildered may be more accurate, but the reaction was potent nonetheless).  I have since developed a great passion for avant-garde and experimental film.  Unfortunately the school I am currently attending does not offer any classroom opportunities in the field, and screenings are nonexistent, so I have had to rely heavily on my own two eyes and various works of scholarship to guide me.
     I am fervently determined to be involved in supporting this community one way or another , and currently that is manifesting itself as a desire (perhaps delusion) to eventually embark on my own critical examinations of experimental and avant-garde film (spurred on by Sitney's repeated mention of an increasing void in this sector amongst the youth).  Until I am able to complete my general education and it is financially feasible to pursue a more specified area of study I am limited in my developmental possibilities, but I figure I have made considerable strides studying on my own, and to continue in that direction I should just start writing.  The most practical option seems to be a blog, and despite the shallow nature often associated with such devices, I think it can be of some use, if only for myself.  Having mainly stayed afloat on my own it will be likely that many times my thoughts veer (wildly) off-track or are downright misguided (I claim no authority whatsoever), so if anyone wiser than I stumbles upon this blog and would like correct my course I would very much appreciate it.  (Occasionally, and partly for the sake of variety, I will PIVOT into other areas that are of great value and interest to me, mainly the mysteries and splendors of light itself, sequence or long-form poems, which have provided much inspiration for many of the greatest film artists and thus will be a very suitable topic to explore, and blues or free-jazz music).  
     As it relates specifically to works made on celluloid, from the outset I want to make it clear that I have damn near literally pursued almost every method available to me to get a chance to these works ON FILM.  I have absolute reverence for the medium and its possibilities, but as a student it is a constant struggle to have access to the finances needed to rent from [invaluable] institutions like Canyon Cinema or the Co-op (though I do make a concerted effort, and do save up enough to make personal rentals as frequently as I'm able to).  I have filed for grants, put on presentations to local sponsors and have pleaded with the local film society, but so far I have been largely met with the same polite disregard each time.  As such I find myself occasionally having to pursue other inferior forms for opportunities to see the work of artists I so admire, and as such the majority of the examinations I attempt here will be largely based on those formats (I fully recognize that in such situations I have not truly seen the film).
     I would also like to aid my examinations with visual cues, but unfortunately certain artists can be rather difficult to get a hold of.  It is my hope that these artists or those affiliated with the artists will understand that my use of the visual cues are being done so with the utmost respect for the material, and are not being employed exploitatively.  In any case if any such artists are offended by my use of their material I post here, please let me know AND I WILL REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY.
     If any artists come across this blog and feel generous enough to give me the opportunity to examine their films I would be IMMENSELY grateful, or if any institutions have access to sixteen millimeter films and would potentially be willing to work out some sort of loan agreement I would do whatever work was necessary.  I would also like to use this blog as a way to announce events or releases, so please contact me if you would like me to do so.

(credit for the title goes fully to James Broughton, whose work of the same name occupies a space that whatever I  do will never be worthy of)